Mama mhn viazese

Her outfit was neet, a cream colored top and brown velvet pants. Mom was not hungry because she had a good breakfast. The nurses had to help her sit up and she yelled at them because their hands were cold. The new velveteen animal print jacket pleased her it was warm and pleasant to feel. We watched a tv show. An other family that had been there for a while left the room to go to lunch. When asked their grandfather told them that he lived in "a house" but would not give the address. He was told a number and the name of a street where he had lived before residing at the Glen Health Center.Note I mentioned the music program would start in about an hour, although they knew. We continued to watch tv, and when a family came in we chatted with them. They do not want privacy because their mother has slowed down mentally and hums to every statement they make. Mom enjoyed her juice and a well rippened pear. The tv show ended some other one started but the residents were crowded into the next room for the music show. Mom loves the Friday afternoon shows so I wheeled her in and kissed her good bye. NoteNoteNoteYesterday we met in the library. There was a big array of white flowers. An aroma reminesent of funeral homes I thought then the sent of carnations brought memories of May First and spring.

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