Mama mhn Biazese

Mama mhn Biazese.   FEBRUARY SECOND 2010 is mom’s birthday. A short break from the abuse the insults the verbal attacks and the beatings/accidental incidents. Who doesn’t need a break on their 88th birthday? A table set with a flower piece, new perfume, cakes, a small from the so called Care Center, and the one that I brought.  Some envied her lunch of shrimp a’laGreque and a lobster roll.  The sweetarts on each table were enjoyed by all. An old fellow tried to remember a verse from a song about someone named Maria. The cake was the biggest hit of this party. Balloons balloons balloons to add a note of gayety. Then the arrival of the flowers from my sister, roses and azaleas in pink white red and dark coral-like-pink. Some pictures, some singing and then a rest in the living room with music from operettas as sang in  Greek theaters in the 1920s to now. Old time Athens……where is that epoch? Only in the minds of very few I  gather. Mom happy to have the love of her daughters the attention of others and her favorite music, yet not so relaxed as to forget herself from the harsh reality of life in a hostile environment the Care Center.   Negligence to the degree of physical harm if not murder. All the tasks not performed, performed in haste, performed in spite and malice, nurses with staff hungry lazy and callus. Mom do not hurry to leave me do not hurry to find justice in the arms of your Father The King. I LOV LOV LOV LOV YOU MOM!

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