Windows Live Hotmail Mom was in the TV room and dressed well in her black velvet top her purple velour  pants and a white print silk sweater, but thirsty and argumentative. After our call to snow boggled DC to my sister she calmed down. She drank grape soda ate chicken soup, potatoes, and veggies  which was followed by custard pie. Power shakes those multi vitamin drinks are what boosts her health. We went into the living room to listen to operettas since it is mardi gras time once more and spoke about the season. Lots of visitors all friendly. When I brought her back to her room quite a few suggestions to the staff brought the room up to snuff since the tend to be forgetful if not sloppy with their work. She snickered at my pecks for good bye and looked better than she has looked all week. The best part was that people were understanding about the operettas and even complemented me on my singing skills. We had arguments about our use of the living room before but all agreed that we may share the space. All in all a peaceful afternoon.

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