XMAS09 001 TODAY IT WILL SNOW – Dear mom you did not slide out of the chair, there were hands to hold you there was a boost. Kisses you pass out kisses for the save, for the few minutes of care. Two bites of chicken and custard milk, milk, milk, power shakes and cookies. That was yesterday before one of those transfers from chair to bed that have caused you injuries. MORE PAIN THAN YOU SHOULD HAVE FELT. Kindly and giving as you are, the aids do not do their share to keep you safe, the bed should not have moved. It should have been secure and you should not have been placed in harms way once more. My pain is insufferable for how poorly the system treats you, for the injustice, the insult, the injury. The snow is descending  yet I will come for a short visit. Milk pie,  custard and milk as much as I  can pore out to you. If only it were kindness in others …..justice in the system…….Justice for you for me …JUSTICE FOR ALL!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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