When in a party dance to the tune they VALENTINES 001select.                                                                                                               We had lunch in mom’s room, we dolled up and joined the party. Corsages for all the ladies: nice touch. Mom sat with Anastasia the blond  and Fifi whose sep daughter died taking care of her sat with the gl  ass-rim queen.VALENTINES 004 Gail could entertain catatonic comma victims she has that gift! VALENTINES 007  I the depths of the room Joan, Nick, Sumner, Joyce, the president of the residents, all in good spirits. Who told them not to trust me? I’m one of the best advocates for the lot of them! I would defend them in a den of lions.VALENTINES 005  (Mom, Fifi, Anastasia, Joan, Nick, Jenny, and Gail, are Greek-American. Some others are married to Greeks.) .   

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