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Megalh Tetarth    

STACEY’sM TE10 space: March, 2010M TEARA lot of devastation floods of tears and of rain little hope left amidst decay of body and soul. The spirit cries out Eleos Kyriou…

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Talking about Εγώ μιλάω για δύναμη – Δήμητρα Γαλάνη « ::…ΣΤΙΧΟΣ…::

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Next Door Dora

A birthday of another Zante gal. Her 88th as well.NXT DORA  We had adjustments to our chair and lunch.IMG_0015 The news of the Chilean earthquake alarmed us. All in all quiet…..peaceful in the hands of The Lord.


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AGAPH KAI PISTH                                                                                                                                                                Plhrhs xronwn h mhtera mou adynamh pleon apo diavith, ypertash,   kai egefaliko odeyei pros ton thanato tou ghhnou swmatws ths. Aisthanete thn agaph Tou Theou, kai thn anagh na egolpisth apo ton Patera ths.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       My mother thin and worn after suffering from diabetes, blood pressure, strokes, and all the abuse that comes with long stays in hospitals, is now closer to death. Mom feels the love of GOD, relief from earthly misfortune by the aid of ALL Saints and the need to be engulfed in the arms of her Father.

I pray that God will be her strength and guide through these trying times of her ever shortening life. Oh powerful almighty be with her and deliver her from

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Omws Feygeis….Yet you Leave……

like the lost pillow the…..helium exhausted …..but with faith in humanity The Saint and in GOD when you pray, you too will fly in the skies; higher than the helium balloons that shadowed radars momentarily….

san to ma3ilari sou pou xathike …..san helium pou siga siga e3atmistike omws me pisth ston synanthropo Ston Agio Ston Theo otan proseuxese tha peta3eis ston ourano poio psila apo ta mpalonia me to helium pou gia mia stigmh skiasan to radar ston pyrgo elengxou

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